Mrs. Bola Shonubi

Mrs. Bola Shonubi

  • SpecialtyPsychotherapist - Clinical Lead, Supervisor
  • Length of Worksince 1998 until now
  • Work PlaceHopeClinic

I began my clinical work, pre and post qualification at the Complex Care Clinic of St Ann’s Hospital part of the Haringey, Enfield and Barnet NHS Trust in London. I provided psychodynamic therapy for individuals who had very complex psychological/ emotional/ mental health problems such as borderline personality disorder, paranoid schizoid disorders, depression, anxiety and many more. Most of the therapy that I provided was long term, face to face.

I worked as a counselor at the Enfield Women’s Center providing counselling to women that had experienced domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, rape, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and a general inability to cope with life.

I have also worked with women who have undergone abortions or termination of pregnancies and are having difficulty with the decision they made or the decision they were pressured into.

I provided treatment at the The Rectory Lane Psychotherapy Clinic at North Essex Partnership, NHS Foundation Trust for individuals who suffered with complex longstanding psychological and emotional issues.

I have also provided and still provide short term face to face counselling to individuals who as a result of traumatic life events in adulthood, have felt they have been unable to cope with or make sense of life anymore. Traumatic life events such as a death in the family, divorce, redundancy, domestic violence and other tragic life events.

I do provide online therapy by Skype when it is very difficult to attend in person face to face sessions.