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Who is therapy for?

Anybody can go to see a therapist if they feel it would be be useful for them. Typically people initially tend to consider therapy when they are facing problems or difficulties in their lives. However, therapy is not just for those who are struggling or faced with life challenges, or for those dealing with mental health issues.

How do I know if my issues are serious enough for me to see a therapist?

A lot of people worry that the issues they are facing are not big enough to warrant seeing a therapist and that there are other people who need therapy far more than them so they don’t really deserve it. However, if you are struggling in some way in your life – with relationships, work, life issues and experiences, mental health, your emotions, thoughts, behavior or difficult memories – the chances are therapy could help.

How long is a therapy session and how often do I need to go?

Therapy or counselling sessions last for 1 hour. Typically clients will have sessions once a week at the same day and time,

How much do the sessions cost?

Individuals at Lily House:- £75.00 per session

Couples at Lily House:- £95.00 per session

Organisations at Lily House:- £150.00 per session


Individuals at Leadenhall:- £85.00 per session

Couples at Leadenhall:- £105.00 per session

Organisations at Leadenhall:- £150.00 per session

How do I know that I can trust the therapist with what I tell them ?

Therapy is a very personal and private undertaking. As such, an important part of a therapist’s job is to create a sense of trust and confidence in them and in the relationship between you, so that you feel able to share things that feel difficult or perhaps you have never felt able to share with anyone before. We take this seriously and will not discuss what you have shared with others, unless they are required to do so either ethically or legally.

How long will therapy take?

This is a difficult question to answer as it is dependent on a number of factors including the issues that you are seeking help for, how much time and energy you are able to commit to therapy, what you feel you can afford, and the type of therapy that you choose to try.

However typically from the outset the therapist will be able to give you some idea as to whether short or longer term therapy is more suitable in dealing with your issues. If short term, this might be for between 6-12 weeks initially, whereas longer term therapy is more open ended and may take many months or sometimes a year or more.

Does Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Work?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment for all the above disorders does work. However, this type of therapy takes time, patience and commitment to see results. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy does not bring about “quick fixes”.